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weight loss

Weight Loss

The wellness coaches at GIME FITNESS are passionate about helping you reach your goals.  The average person attempts to lose weight approximately 8 times before they actually succeed. Between life stressors and misleading health information it is difficult for the average person to do what it takes to lose weight on their own.  Read more…



Athletic Performance Training

Are you an athlete or a performer looking to take your movement and strength to the next level?  GIME FITNESS is the place for you. Studying under some of the best Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers in the world, we implement assessments and corrective exercise routines used by top athletes in sports such as football, soccer, golf, dance, tennis, volley ball and baseball. Read more…


Ann VersaClimberPersonal Coaching

Are you looking to change your life, body shape and improve your health? If so, a CHEK Practitioner at GIME FITNESS could be your secret weapon for achieving your dreams. Here you will find the compassionate, educated people you have been looking for to help you finally get where you want to be.  Our coaches will help end the confusion … Read more…



cor9 webGroup Fitness

It’s always nice to “DO” life with others. If you are looking to train with a friend or set up a small group with other men and women looking to achieve the same goals, contact us now.Many stay at home moms, business executives and friends are looking for affordable guidance and motivation to stay on track. Working with friends can add the extra accountability and fun to help you stick with wellness for life.  Read more…


Well Visits

Are you in need of a solution to balance your lifestyle? Chances are if you are working while trying to improve your health, stress, eating habits, exercise and family, you need a coach who can help you realistically sort through each area and set up an effective game plan. Register for your Well Visit today!   Read more…


Employee Wellness

If you are looking for a sure fire way to improve the health and morale of your employees, a GIME FITNESS health and wellness program can be the right action plan for you. It is proven for each $1 invested in a wellness program employers gain a return on investment ranging from $3-$10. The majority of this gain comes from reduced call outs, improved productivity and reduced insurance costs.  Read more…


Egoscue & Neurokinetic Pain Relief

Egoscue® and Neurokinetic therapies are simple and the results are remarkable. They are unique and very effective modalities designed to treat musculoskeletal pain without drugs, surgery, or manipulation.  Our process involves a series of stretches and gentle exercises designed specifically for each client. This process strengthens specific muscles and brings the body back to its proper alignment to reduce pain and improve function. Read more…


General RATES for services provided

  • 4 or more Personal Sessions $60 for adults $45 for Youth
  • As needed Sessions $75

Monthly Memberships

  • Individual $99
  • Couples $129
  • $30 add on for each person on a family plan

No more than 4 allowed on a family plan due to the time it takes for customized fitness and wellness programs.